Sunday, January 24, 2010

A piece of my heart to my wonderful children.

Welcome and thanks for stopping by to support our little project of love. Who do I mean by "our"? Most importantly, my wife, with whom I collaborated to form the idea of this project. She also, put together the beautiful format and background on which this blog is published. The rest of the "our," are family, friends, and anyone who has some advice to share.

A couple of people, rgilliam and SocialCircle, have been very instrumental in helping compile a lot of advice and subject material to use. There are many other people that I will introduce to you as my blog unfolds. My parents, in-laws, co-workers, and peers who have given of their time and shared experiences that will prove invaluable as we help to shape the lives of our children and hopefully, learn some things ourselves as well.

This site continues to be a work in progress and will hopefully gain steam as it begins to take shape.

Last year, my wife and I made a New Year's resolution, that we agree was the best resolution we ever made. We decided that instead doing something that may or may not last more than a couple weeks, we would put together a project that would be beneficial to our whole family. We decided, that we wanted our children to get to know us. Getting to know us would consist of sharing "everything" we could with them. We would share our highs and lows, our accomplishments and defeats, our joys and sorrows, and the lessons we learned from them all. Those of you who know me, know that I have learned a lot of things the hard way. It is my hope, I can point these mistakes out to my children so that they don't make the same, but if they do, they will understand the things I did to better myself through these experiences.

I encourage each and every one of you that follow along, to share experiences that you feel are important life lessons with us. Send recommendations that you think would be important subjects or issues to pursue. We will go from silly and light hearted to deep and serious conversations that may be difficult, but necessary to discuss.

Again, I am not perfect and thankfully don't claim to be. I hope to make "life lessons" a little easier for my children. We are a Christian family and by saying that, realize, that ALL of our advice will have come with prayerful reflection and a Godly heart.

Thanks again, for all you do Sarah. Not only are you a wonderful wife and mother, you are the best thing I could have ever hoped. Thanks to my wonderful children Joseph (13) and James (7), two fine young men whom I am proud and honored to call my sons. Lastly, my daughter, Ms. Emily Margaret, whom I have yet to meet, but know that God has chosen especially for our family. I can't wait until you join our family in the next few months.

Thanks for patiently following along with this tedious opening. It is my hope that not only will you participate along with us, but that you will find this to be something that you can share along with your family as well.




Sarah said...

Beautifully written sweet hubby. You are my hero, my prince charming, one of God's greatest gifts. I'm so proud of you for taking our little project to the next level. I love you! Sarah :D

Kala said...

God is doing amazing things in your family. I am excited to see this new project unfold and look forward to sharing some of my own life lessons with you and also learn how to overcome some issues as well.

Rob and Kathy said...

Andy, I anticipate following your blog from time to time. It was an honor being asked to contribute to your collection of things to pass along to your children (and now others it seems!). From what I have learned of you and your family I'm humbled to know you even though it's just been through email and message boards, etc.

Rob Gilliam