Monday, February 22, 2010

Happy Birthday, Mr Washington!!

One of my all time favorite Presidents, behind Mr. Ronald Reagan, is George Washington. Mr. Washington is probably the most recognizable President there has ever been. Why? Because his face is on the dollar bill.

George Washington trivia:

He was neither Republican nor a Democrat.  He was a Federalist.

His annual salary as president was $25,000.

He had no formal education.

The only president to be unanimously elected when he received all 69 electoral votes in 1789.

One of the largest and tallest presidents weighing in at over 200 lbs. and standing tall at 6'3". He wore size 13 boots as well.

He had to borrow money to attend his own inauguration.

He, in fact, never chopped down a cherry tree.  The story was made up by a man named Mason Weems shortly after his death to show people how honest Washington was as a child.

He loved ice cream so much that he kept ice boxes full for family and friends.  He was said to have ordered thousands of gallons of the wonderful treat.

He was the only member of the founding fathers to emancipate his slaves.

He introduced the mule into farming in the United States.

He was the first president to have his picture on a postage stamp.


A little known fact very important to us here at Life Advice, is the list of "110 rules"- rules to live by.  When George Washington was fourteen years old he was given this list.  Originally thought to be written in the year 1595 by Jesuit priests.  These rules are timeless in their application and invaluable in their content.  Click here to view George Washington's 110 rules.

Pay special attention to these rules:
1st  Treat everyone with respect.
3rd  Be considerate of others. Do not embarrass others.
24th  Don't draw attention to yourself.
48th  Actions speak louder than words.
60th  Some things are better kept secret.
63rd  A person should not overly value their own accomplishments.
82nd  Do not start what you can't finish. KEEP YOUR PROMISES.

This list written in 1595, still contains good Life Advice, that can be used today.

Thanks to the Father of our country,  who never fathered children of his own, but raised his wife Martha's two children, as his own.

It would be my hope that each of us would have a story made up to tell of our high moral values to others.

I am headed out to chop down a cherry tree,

President of the Big Daddy fan club

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