Sunday, February 21, 2010

Shaving: A How To with a little How Not To thrown in!!

I have come to find that blogging takes some time.  Obviously, sometimes that can be the problem.  With the weekends being short as always, spending all day out of town on Saturday at a continuing education conference sure makes it tough.

On to the subject at hand.  Shaving.  I will eventually get around to a step by step tutorial, but I would be very unfair to you the follower, if I did not add our youtube video we did a little while back regarding shaving.

After watching the video, I am sure you will want to send out $9.99 in hopes this is one of the rare lost 3 Stooges episodes that got misplaced years ago.

Can't get much better than that!! Hope you guys have a great week!!

Clean Shaven Daddy

1 comment:

Sarah said...

That's one video that never gets old!
"What are ya'll doing?" "We're smiling for your picture." "Well I'm video taping!" "Ahhhh"
And James, while being shaved with a rubber razor "Ow, you cut me!"
For those of you who haven't watched it a thousand times, I would encourage you to watch it twice. The first time watch Andy & Joseph and the second time only watch James. This clip's like an onion... so many hilarious layers!
Love you baby,
Mama :D