Tuesday, February 2, 2010

What happened to the eating at the fancy table?

Added the Harry Potter table, because I always thought it was cool as well as fancy.

Just a couple of things to note today.   Having already posted, don't want to overwhelm.

*When going to a dinner party, ALWAYS arrive ten minutes early.

*Make sure you introduce your date to everyone you know.  When introducing to more than one person, you introduce the host first, then the next most important person, and so on down the line. An example would be introducing your host, then maybe your boss, assistant manager, and coworkers.  If you are not in a setting where you know the order of people, the rule of thumb, is to introduce from the eldest to the youngest.

*When mixing prior to sitting down for your meal, always keep one hand free for shaking hands.  It may be awkward holding a drink and balancing hors d'oeuvres in one hand, but to follow etiquette, you will have to do the best you can.

*Always use good manners.

What are good manners?  That will be the subject of other posts in the future.  For now, begin learning these nuggets, and I promise you will be ahead of the game when that invitation to the "Big Dinner" comes your way.

A side note, you don't always have to introduce me first.  I am not the most important, but probably the oldest.  Remember, old folks like to feel young every once in a while.

Love you,

Tired Old Daddy

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