Wednesday, February 24, 2010

What do the yellow brick road and growing up have in common?

As it turns out, not a whole lot, but there is a theme in there that I would like to pursue.  That theme would be following.  That being said,  following the yellow brick road is a segue into today's life lesson.

Following the yellow brick road led Dorothy and crew to the Emerald City, where their wants and needs could be fulfilled.  What we find to be true, is that along the way there are different paths off of the yellow brick road that can lead us away from the promised fulfillments.

This lesson rings true throughout life.  You must follow the right paths in order to obtain your goals and desires.  Hard work, perseverance, and the will to succeed, will go very far in helping to make these achievements a reality.  These are important, but there is something else I feel must be addressed before we get to this point.

There is a time in the very near future, where you will find yourselves at a crossroad with a decision to make.  This is the intersection of leading versus following.  There is certainly times in life where you will do both dependent on the circumstance presented.

Your Mom and I have given you all of the tools and the foundation to succeed in life.  We both have come to know each of you and feel that you are leaders.  You can succeed at both, but we fill leadership is your calling.

What do I mean by leadership?  We feel that the leader in a group sets the standards for those that follow.  Regardless of the setting, you have the skills necessary to control any situation you may find yourself.  Whether it be setting positive peer pressure, picking the right friends, or simply going to the restaurant that you want to visit.

In the group photo of you and your friends above, I promise you want to be the leader.  Because the best thing about being the leader is when you stand up and become accountable for your actions, you will be the one calling the shots.  

Is it easy being a leader?  NO!  I can promise you, that if you take your role seriously and live the life you have in front of you to the best of your ability, with the help of God's guidance, you will be the great leader we envision you to be!!

I will meet you on the road less taken,

Your Biggest Daddy Cheerleader

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