Saturday, February 6, 2010

What does NBC have to do with young love?!

What does NBC have to do with young love?
Well, you probably would get a better idea from visiting my beautiful Wife's blog over at At Home With the Hinsons, but I will try to do it justice.

The other day, I drove home from work and as I was pulling in to the house, I noticed this cute young lady walking up the street.  James and Blake were running around shooting their AirSoft guns, the dogs were chasing each other, but I didn't see Joseph.  I knew he couldn't be far away, because the kids and dogs wouldn't be outside the fence otherwise.  Closing the door of the car, I saw Joseph come around the corner of the fence with his AirsSoft gun and the cute young lady squarely in his sights.  In his deepest voice he said, "Hello, Dad.  How was your day?"

A couple of things happened before I could respond.  Joseph's chest puffed out and his peacock feathers spread out real wide all around him.  The young lady stopped, turned and noticed his feathers.  She must have been impressed, because she walked over to talk to him.  They spent the better part of an hour talking, toeing at the ground,  and giggling, before she had to go home.

My little man is growing up.  I am proud of him.  Nothing like young love to remind me of the wonderful NBC commercials with the peacock spreading his feathers!!

Have a wonderful day,

Casanova's Dad


Rachel McPhillips said...

It makes me so sad that Joseph is growing up so fast!!! I miss little Joseph... :( But you sure have a fine man in the making!

Kala said...

I coudn't agree with Rachel more. It seems like yesterday that we were celebrating his first birthday and now he's spreading his feathers proudly. You and Sarah have done a fine job in bringing up your 2 young men in the making.