Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Chess and Jesus. GLORY!!

Chess and Jesus and what they have in common.  Tonight we went to our Lenton service and heard a message from Dr. Fisher as part of our lead up to the Easter celebration.

The message he delivered was great.  One of his stories that he related dealt with the game of chess.  No, he did not discuss what you may think about when discussing chess.  Most folks, myself included, thought that maybe he would relate that the contrast of the black and white pieces resemble good versus evil.  Or maybe even the two different Kings facing each other like God and Lucifer.

Dr. Fisher related to us that he was a pretty good player and that he enjoyed the competition.  He joined a University chess club and quickly became a member in a group of a few hundred students of the game.  As he became more comfortable with his strategies and play, he entered a tournament put on by the club.

The big day arrived and it was then that he learned he was one of only twelve people to have signed up.  The tournament was set up as a round robin and each contestant would play each other.  Dr. Fisher beamed with pride as he explained that he had a perfect record,  The fleeting glint quickly faded when he explained that he had lost every match up to his last match.  His last opponent he described as meek and giving the air that he was an adversary he might be able to overcome.

The match started and Dr. Fisher lost in eleven moves.  The fastest loss he experienced in the tournament.  He went on to explain this particular tournament allowed for the players to discuss the match after the game was completed.  His opponent, he later came to learn was the University chess champion of England.  While discussing his game the Champion explained that his first and second moves were good moves, but that his third move is where he lost the game.  Scratching his head, Dr. Fisher reminded him that it took eleven moves to complete the game.  The Champion smiled and agreed, but taught him how his third move was the move that sealed his fate and caused the match to be complete in eleven moves.  Dr. Fisher excitedly explained it was then that the light came on for him!

When Jesus was crucified, buried, and resurrected, it was the third move by God!! GLORY!!  In the battle of God versus Lucifer, this is when God won the battle and in turn we have one the battle.  By His blood we are healed!!  Satan continues to unleash evil on our world and we continue to see it all around us in society, but we have already won!!  The reason Satan continues his fight is because he has yet to realize that check mate was when Christ was resurrected and all he is doing is going through the motions.  Jesus and chess, what better way to celebrate the King of Kings!!

Glad He is my King,  

Big Daddy Humble and Undeserving Servant

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