Monday, March 8, 2010

Emily Margaret where are you????

I am ready to get you home, little lady.  I knew that there was a lot of work involved with adopting, I just didn't realize how much!!

I have been all over the country side today.  Between giving blood and urine (Poor  Dr. Freeman) and everything else in one office, I was juggling the patients in my office.  After that I was chasing down lab work in other offices.  I am glad I had my lovely wife working with me and pushing me in the right direction.  Otherwise, nothing would have been done and she would be all over me like nobody's business.

I am not the best in the world at being assertive, even when I have every reason and right to be.  Side note- even if you hate your job treat the customer with the utmost respect.  Not only does the customer deserve it, but he should command it.  Also, if you aren't the one signing the paycheck, that person may not appreciate your customer care and find somebody that does a better job of it.  (Hint: That was your advice today!)

Anyway, I can't wait to put all the tedious work behind me, and just chase you all over the house.  That's the kind of work I want to be doing!!!

If you are following along in my blog and thinking about adopting internationally, my beautiful wife Sarah is the contact you need.  If she hasn't dealt with it or organized it, then the adoption agency hasn't figured how to implement it into the adoption process.  Follow her in this journey over at Her Name Will Be Emily Margaret.

Paperwork poor and lab worked out,

Big Daddy in Waiting

Post Script -  Happy Birthday, Dr. Phil.  Thanks for all you do for our family.  You are a blessing to us, as well as the community.  I feel like a better person just for having known you.  By the way, I think James is needing a quarter!   Side note--Not everybody can stand as far away from the counter as you.

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