Friday, March 5, 2010

Friday evening, what a feeling...

Every week we seem to pick up more and more things to do.  The momentum crashes into Friday like a runaway freight train.  We are often exhausted when the evening comes.  Here At Home With the Hinsons (Ms. Sarah's blog), we look forward to chillaxin' with the family!  Tonight's particular agenda is no different than most Friday's, therefore I will give you a little peek into our world!

The most important thing is dinner.  This can make or break a Friday evening, especially with Joseph and James being an integral part of Family Friday Night!!

Tonight's particular fare was a couple of cheese pizzas, garlic bread, and some sweet tea.  We actually tried a couple of the new sandwiches as well.  We feel the Habanero and Buffalo chicken sandwiches were particularly tasty.  The only downside was that the sandwiches seemed to be a little chicken poor.  At five bucks a sandwich one would expect to walk away with a little more chicken to go with all that bread.

Most Friday's we try to watch a movie or some television together and this evening is no exception.  With baseball practices, church, and LOST, it is hard to keep up with much more during the week.  Because of the aforementioned, tonight while "decompensating" (Sarah's newest word) we enjoyed catching up on American Idol.  For all its faults and sometimes quirkiness, American Idol still entertains and is enjoyable for the whole clan.

I know you are wondering where the Life Advice comes in to this post and I promise there is some coming from an unusual suspect.  Hold on.  I will tell you that this post is already dotted with advice starting with family night at home enjoying each others company and just being together without a deadline or homework.

Who is this unusual suspect I was talking about???

It is none other than................................................

I know, you didn't expect Mr. Cowell as being someone that I would use for Life Advice.  While watching Idol with you guys he gave a wonderful quote that I felt was one of the best quotes I have heard in a while.  It rang so true that I felt it should be shared with you again in this post.

"The only time you should be nervous is if you are useless."
                                                                                                   -Simon Cowell

Read it again, with an English accent.  Great Advice.

Friday's and Family....It doesn't get any better than that!!

Big Daddy of Chillaxin

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Sarah said...

Great post about one of our favorite subjects, chillaxin'! Thanks Simon for the great advice. ;>
God's blessings,
Sarah :D