Sunday, March 14, 2010

Daylight Savings Time (Hooray!!)

Did you know that Daylight Savings Time has its roots back to the railroad days?  Back in the day,  each locality  set their own times.  This played havoc on the railroad system who tried to set up their schedules and keep up with the different times.  Finally, enough was enough and time zones were set up that were uniform throughout the country.

Daylight Savings Time was initially put into place to save energy.  The rationale, with it being lighter outside an hour later, less energy would be needed.  Lights wouldn't be turned on until later and thus energy would be reduced.  Initially, that may have worked, but now we have come to realize that it may use more energy.  With it being lighter later, people are taking care of the things they may not have when it was dark outside.  Running to the store to shop,  catching up on errands , or cutting the grass after work have become the norm during this time.

Whatever the reason we do it, I sure do like it being lighter later.  I feel like Spring has sprung and life is a little happier this time of year!

One thing I don't understand.  How does anyone wake up late on Daylight Savings Time?  With all of the constant reminders on television, radio, and newspapers, there is no excuse why anybody should sleep late and use Daylight Savings Time as their reason.

Happy with the changes and never late,

Big Daddy Father Time

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Sarah said...

HOORAY for Springing forward! I LOVE the days being longer. Flip-flop weather is fast approaching!!!
God's blessings Father Time,
Always Minutes Late Mama ;>