Sunday, March 7, 2010

Somewhere over the rainbow......

Today was jam packed at the home of Life Advice.  We got up early, followed Aunt Rachel's Princess run, went to church and taught Sunday School.  All before 10:00 am.

We went home, walked the dogs, powdered our noses and were then off to eat lunch.

We ate lunch at our new favorite place to eat in Decatur, AL.  We went to Fulin's Asian restaurant.  It is good food and really hits the spot for us.  With it being an Asian flavor we often talk and wonder about our little Emily Margaret and what she will be like when we finally get her home.  After eating a nice relaxed lunch we still had a couple of minutes to kill and apparently  my budget as well.  Nestled within walking distance is none other than.......(drum roll, please!!!!

There is absolutely no way we could pass up this opportunity.  So we didn't.  Sixty dollars and a little bit of happiness later, and a couple of bags not anywhere near capacity we began the final leg of our journey.  We made our way to the Hunstville, AL civic center for the Broadway production of The Wizard of Oz.  I am always amazed at how talented these actors and actresses are. 

My advice today is to remember the Arts and support them when you can.  More importantly, spend a day with your family that they will never forget.  Along the way, don't forget to take mental snapshots of the joy and laughter shared.  There will be days when you will call on them and remember vividly how blessed you are to have such a wonderful family.

Looking for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow and very happy when I found my family there!!

Big Daddy and his little dog Toto, too 


Sarah said...

Amen brother, today was definitely the end of the rainbow. Thank you for a long, wonderful, memory filled day. Sometimes it's fun to blow off chores, a to do list and our budget all for the sake of a good time. Thanks for making all that happen.
We love you baby!
Glenda the Good Witch & The Lollipop Kids ;D

Double Wide Mom said...

Yep, there's that "day of rest" thing!Sounds like a wonderful day. All my fave's: live productions! Asian food! shopping! and Jesus! PERFECT!