Tuesday, March 16, 2010

You are late. Late for a very important date!

Sorry.  I couldn't resist this header after my rant about oversleeping due to Daylight Savings Time.

The men (Joseph and James), Frannie, and myself, went to see Alice in Wonderland on Saturday.  We all went in with not the highest of expectations and came out being glad we went.  Our thought was that James would enjoy it, but were afraid that Joseph might not.  Our fears were rooted in a 13 year old young man, possibly being a little too old for this movie.  I will say that he thoroughly enjoyed it.

Frannie explained to us that although it was about Alice in Wonderland, more of the story in this movie
came from Lewis Carroll's, Through the Looking Glass.  That was cool to learn, but it didn't matter to us.  We just enjoyed the movie.  The consensus amongst us was that Johnny Depp was great, but the Cheshire Cat owned us.

We all gave it two thumbs up.  We each agree that we would enjoy seeing it again.  I can tell you that the next time we see it will be when it comes out on DVD.

After yesterday's rant, I thought I would use this little guy's image to warn the reader that I am about to jump up on my soapbox.  Sorry.  Hang in there.  

One of my favorite things in the world to do is go to the movies.  I have enjoyed it since I was a youngster.  That being said, I should known better through a lifetime of experience, but I still cannot stand the cost of the refreshments in the movie house.

Although I shouldn't buy popcorn and cokes at the movie house, I do it anyway.  We set the precedent years ago and just haven't ever stopped.  We do draw the line at the candy, nachos and hot dogs.  Guess what.  The movie house tricked me.  They saw that I would buy popcorn, so they now have special popcorns.  Saturday , they had "Limited time only" Alice in Wonderland popcorn.  A popcorn dunked in a blue cotton candy flavored coating.  A must have for any seven year old kid.  Yes, James it is popcorn, but it is also candy.  But Dad, it is only for a limited time.  Yes, James, that is right, but don't you realize that it will be the same popcorn just a different name when the next movie comes out?  Sometimes, you have to let a seven year old be a seven year old.  I relented.  James got the popcorn and we got our regular two cokes and large popcorn to share amongst ourselves.  $22.50 later, we were entering the movie house to sate our hunger for popcorn and a good movie.

I almost forgot the movie was in 3D.  I think that the 3D movie has come an incredibly long way from when I was a kid.  The movie is highly enjoyable in 3D.  I even like the fact that you get effects that are not just in place to scare you.  The last few that I have seen have caught me off guard once or twice when I wasn't expecting it.  Each time, I have moved to one side or the other to avoid something coming at me.  The biggest thing for me and 3D is that after the novelty, I can take it or leave it.  Unfortunately, I don't get a choice anymore.   Just about every movie geared toward the younger audience has a 3D format these days.  The biggest problem for me is that each person in my party is subject to a $2.50 surcharge for the cost of the special projector.  That was a total of $10.00 extra for my little group.
With tickets being matinee priced at $7.00 plus the surcharge, the total after all fees was $38.00.

No wonder these movies are setting all time record sales.  With surcharges and the like, the movies continue to find ways to make more money off its patrons.  

When I was younger, the movies I liked, I might go see more than once.  With today's prices, I guess the movie house is trying to get as much as they can, because they figure that might be their only chance to get someone's money.

At the end of the day, we had spent $60.50.  The cost may have been steep and might give me pause the next time I think about going.  I realize the time spent together with my Mom and my boys was priceless.

Until the next time the lights go down,

Big Daddy Ebert


Rachel McPhillips said...

You know I hate 3D! :) John thinks these "all time movie records" should be judged on the number of tickets bought, not what they grossed that weekend. But, I guess 10,000 tickets sold doesn't sound near as good as saying a movie grossed $100 million.

Sarah said...

I'm so glad you, the Fran & boys went to the movie house. They love the movies ALMOST as much as you do.! :) I think it's cool that your movie trips have become synonymous with me teaching my Breastfeeding Prenatal Class. Now I don't feel quite as guilty for working one Saturday a month. Thanks for making these sweet memories with the boys... even if they're cotton candy coated! ;>
God's blessings,
Sarah :D

Franny/Grannie said...

I love to go to the movies with the boys! Frandaddy will see murder and mayhem (me too), but fantasy is not his bag,so I get a special treat when Andy asks me to be his guest. Here's to more fun times at the "movie house!!"

Love, Franny