Thursday, March 4, 2010

Princess Rachel and Mickey Mouse-What a wonderful combination!!

They are having A Princess marathon this weekend at Walt Disney World!!  As always, Mickey will be there!  The other usual suspects will be Cinderella, Jasmine, and Mulan (China girl connection), but this year there will be a special treat!!  Our favorite and cutest Princess, Aunt Rachel will be attending.  Look at her picture, there is no way the Princesses could even think about running without her.

I fully expect her next running picture will have all the Disney characters chasing after her wanting to get pictures with her and her autograph.

We are very proud of Aunt Rachel and her running endeavors.  YOU GO GIRL!!!  Sorry we can't be there with you, but I promise we will be following along and praying for you throughout your adventure. 
Be careful and Godspeed!!!  

I have included a link below so you can follow along on Princess Rachel's journey!!  Drop in and say hey and wish her well.  Tell her Big Daddy sent you.  

The proudest brother-in-law in the WHOLE Kingdom,

Big Daddy of Princess Pride 


Rachel McPhillips said...

Love it!! THANKS!!!

Sarah said...

You are the most supportive man ever. Which must be one of the ways I knew you were my Prince Charming! Good luck & God's blessings baby sis!!! :D Sarah

Sarah said...
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